Following the ‘Restored Order of the Sacraments of Initiation’ in the Archdiocese of Liverpool in September 2013, the pupils in our Year Four class are invited to receive the Sacraments of  Reconciliation (during Lent) and Communion (in the Summer term).

In the Parish of St. Gregory’s our Sacramental Programme is led by Parish Catechists Mrs Roscoe, Mrs Ode and Mrs Wakeman in close co-ordination with the school. The programme also places a strong emphasis on Family Catechesis, as Parents '...will be the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith.  May they also be the best of teachers bearing witness to the faith by what they say and do.' (Rite of Baptism).

Sacramental Programme


We have worked with our Parish Priest and catechists to develop our own Sacramental Programme which is based on ‘Family Catechesis’ - assisting parents in bringing their children up in the ways of the Catholic Faith. Through the different sessions the children explore and learn about different aspects of the Catholic Faith and the 3 sacraments of initiation after Baptism: Reconciliation (1st Confession) and Holy Eucharist (1st Communion).


Preparation sessions are led by Fr Graeme and supported by Parish catechists. All children in Y4 are welcome take part, however only those who have been baptized can receive the sacraments.


The preparation programme begins in September, as the children begin Y4. The first meeting for parents will be in October each year.

The first term the children begin their preparations for Sacraments by looking at how we belong to God. This helps to prepare the children for their First Confession, with this Sacrament taking place during the season of Lent. This is where they say sorry for the things they have done wrong and receive the blessing of God’s loving forgiveness.

In the final term the children will prepare to receive the sacrament of Holy Eucharist, this is where the children receive the body of Christ in the form of blessed bread for the first time, in a commemoration of the Last Supper.

The special Masses at which children receive this Sacrament take place over several weekends around Pentecost time. These are extremely special days for the children and is usually followed by a family celebration afterwards. 

Sacramental preparation sessions take place after school in the Year 4 classroom. There are 3 sessions for Reconciliation. Three sessions for Holy Eucharist. Parents must pledge to support their children’s preparation by enabling them to attend the sessions. Children who miss more than two sessions and do not catch up will not be prepared sufficiently well to be able to receive the sacraments.