At St Gregory’s we have worked with our parents, pupils, governors and staff to create our own bespoke curriculum that is meaningful and tailored to the needs of our pupils here in Chorley. All stakeholders were involved in creating four driver words that underpin every lesson that is taught at St Gregory's: We are RESILIENT, RESPONSIBLE, CURIOUS and REFLECTIVE.

Our curriculum promotes RESILIENCE. We provide challenging and creative tasks that require commitment and development of skills over time. Our curriculum encourages CURIOSITY in our pupils by encouraging them to answer and ask questions about themselves, their environment and the wider world. It develops RESPONSIBILITY through the use of our local environment and school grounds as learning opportunities. We also support our partner school in Kenya with their learning and work together on projects linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Finally, our bespoke curriculum provides many opportunities for REFLECTION. We reflect on how we live our lives and how lives were lived in the past. We reflect on our work and always strive to improve. We reflect on the lives of others and how we can help them through our social, moral, cultural and spiritual curriculum. 

 Each year group studies their own topics relevant to their age groups and each subject is delivered individually. However, where links are clear and meaningful, lessons are interlinked whilst still ensuring subject specific skills are covered.  

The whole school studies topics in Geography, History, Music, Art and DT that fit into our whole school theme each term: 

Autumn term: We are in Chorley, Lancashire, UK 

Spring Term: Passport to Europe and the World 

Summer Term: Our Amazing Planet!  

Please see below for the key learning that is covered in each subject, each term.  


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Year 6            Autumn                Spring                   Summer

Year 5            Autumn                Spring                   Summer

Year 4            Autumn                Spring                   Summer

Year 3            Autumn                Spring                   Summer

Year 2            Autumn                Spring                   Summer

Year 1            Autumn                Spring                   Summer