At St. Gregory’s we are very proud of our School Council. The School Council represents the whole school. They meet regularly with teachers, the Head Teacher and Governors to discuss how they can improve the school and have a say in what they would like to see happen in future.

The School Councillors take their role very seriously as the “voice of the pupils” and are Responsible for relaying this information to the Head Teacher. Children meet regularly over a working lunch to Reflect upon important issues, current school affairs and any other items raised by pupils. Staff and other pupils really value their ideas and suggestions.

We feel that having a successful School Council has benefits for the whole school and how we operate as a community. Through our School Council work it is hoped that we can develop a balance and wholeness, helping to make our community more harmonious to work in.

Our School Council aims to ensure our children have:

· A safe, happy and fair learning environment

· A forum to voice their concerns and act upon them

· A structured opportunity to learn Resilience

· An opportunity to be Responsible for the organisation of some aspects of school life

· An opportunity to experience a democratic process

Our School Council should encourage pupils to develop:

· A sense of ownership over aspects of school life

· An ability to Reflect upon school issues such as behaviour

· A Responsible attitude towards the school community and environment

Our School Council should give pupils the experience of:

· Planning, organising and monitoring small projects

· Speaking and listening skills

· Basic budgeting and managing money

Our School Councillors have in the past been Responsible for organising events to raise money for charity, taken part in Fairtrade Fortnight and promoted collections for St. Gregory’s partner school in Kenya. They have presented an interactive presentation to Governors on the impact of our 'Creative Curriculum' and also reported on E- Safety within school and acted as ambassadors during School Open Evenings.

Our School Council is comprised of 2 children from Reception to Year 5 and 4 children from Year 6. These children have been voted for by their friends to voice their opinions. Our School Councillors must act as Responsible, Resilient, Curious and Reflective individuals and be role models for other pupils living out our school motto ‘Be Kind, Be Fair, Honest’.