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31 March 2020

WALT: understand why the Vikings invaded Lindisfarne


The Vikings came from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They sailed over in boats called longships to ‘go Viking’ (which means to go travelling around looking for resources and land to claim as their own). The Vikings first arrived in Britain around AD 787 and in AD 793 they raided and pillaged the monastery at Lindisfarne in Northumbria.


The Vikings came to Britain looking for items to steal and trade. They also wanted land that they could claim as their own. They particularly liked to raid monasteries, like the one at Lindisfarne. The monasteries were not very well protected and contained valuable goods like gold and jewels, imported foods and other useful materials. The Vikings also stole manuscripts and Bibles. These were sold back to the religious leaders who could not bear to see them lost or damaged.


You are all now Anglo-Saxon newspaper reporters. You will be writing a news report, from the Anglo-Saxons point of view, about the Viking attack on Lindisfarne in 793AD. You will be given information about the attacks, and you will need to make notes using the following video:

Posted by Year 6 on 31 March 2020

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Da boi ACE
1 April 2020

A terrifying day 8th of June 793 LINDISFARNE ATTACKED by Norse men!

Unprepared us Anglo-Saxon people ravished and brutally attacked in our holy land. The majority of our holy treasures stolen by these crazy greedy thieves
They laid everything waste with grievous plundering, trampled the holy places with polluted steps, dug up the altars and seized all the treasures of the holy church, they dragged many of the brothers of the monastery away in fetters and drowned others in the sea.
This event has sent tremors throughout English Christendom.
We need to learn from this and be prepared for such attacks.

2 April 2020

June 9th 793 AD
Yesterday, on the small island of Lindisfarne, the Vikings attacked. Our enemies! They took many valuables including: gold crosses, jewels, diamonds and small books decorated in gold. We will never forgive those greedy worms. The reason why they chose to attack there was because of Lindisfarne's riches and how undefended it was. The Viking were excellent fighters using shields, swords, battle axes and bow and arrows. The monks however, were not trained fighters and were easy targets for the blood thirsty Vikings. They had long ships which gave them the advantage of traveling further and being quiet and fast as they moved swiftly through the water. Citizens and monks were slaughtered or taken as slaves. Luckily, they missed the monks most prized possession; St Couthbert's body. St Alqueen was reported saying, "Pagans have desecrated God's sanctuary, shed the blood of saints around the altar, laid waste of the house of our hope and trampled the bodies of saints like dung in the streets. Never before has such an atrocity been seen."

h4rry mcd3rm0tt
22 April 2020

June 9th 793 AD,
A few days ago, on the island of lindisfarne. The vikings attacked us! OUR ENEMIES.
They took many valuable items like: emeralds, diamonds,rubys, jewels, gold crosses and a famous book covered in gold from our stacked caves.We will never forgive or forget about those greedy pigs! The reason they attacked our peaceful village is because off our expensive monuments and how unprotected it was. The vikings were excellent fighters with swords, shields, axes, hammers and bow and arrows.They had a huge, tall, long, quite and fast ship so they could move swiftly through the ocean water. Citizens and monks were killed or taken being made to be slaves. Luckily, they missed the monks most prized possession; ST Couthbert's body.

22 April 2020

June 9th 793 AD

On June 8th 793 AD the land of Lindisfarne was attacked by the Vikings. They stole everything Lindisfarne had from gold to diamonds and book to jewels. Lindisfarne had nothing left. The monks who lived in Lindisfarne were not prepared for the attack at all. The Vikings were were trained to fight and use spears, shields swords and even bows! But the monks were not trained. They had buildings made of wood and people who could only defend themselves by running away. But that didn't work because the Vikings would just shoot them with there arrows. But after all of that fighting, there was one monk who survived and he would like to say a few words, " It was horrible seeing that attack, and seeing the Vikings steal all of our riches. They are so greedy." Thank you for sharing. Alright, that is all we have time for today I will see tomorrow for some more daily news.

Robbie S
29 April 2020




This morning there was a shocking attack on Lindisfarne North-East England. On arrival we were surprised to find any survivors!

The monastery was burnt and almost all the monks were slaughtered.

As the glowing orange sun rose above the horizon this morning three dragon headed boats hit the sandy shore. A small army of terrifying warriors jumped onto the sand waving swords and axes. The men from the north shouted their battle cry

Our monk witness ran in fear yelling warnings to his fellow monks. None stood a chance. They began their slaughter… throats were slashed, monks brutally murdered!

Then the Vikings began their scavenging for holy treasures, our donations to god were stolen away: gold, silver, sacred crosses and statues, priceless bibles, and invaluable writing. It may never be restored.

After they had taken what they wanted they started lighting torches and burning the sacred monastery. Much now lies blackened and crisp. The air is thick with ashes and smoke. The smell of death hangs around in the silence left by the terrifying attack.

The chief monk was one out of the few that survived the carnage and said this “We have no home, no church. We are hopeless….”
We also had an exclusive interview with the monk that saw the dragon like boats among the horizon and he said “I was enjoying the sun set when I saw a head of a dragon rise among the sea, I shouted for help but there was no one around.”


Now our great King has been criticized for not caring about his people and he has said this to us “ I care about my people and I will show you by handing out free food to the locals.” He will parade around York handing out fruit, bread, meat, and vegetables. I would not want to miss that.

1 May 2020

June 9th 793 AD
yesterday on a small calm island, the Vikings raided us . They took tones of valuable items like gold ,dimonds and small books decorated in gold did they raid us only because of Lindisfarne's riches and how undefended it was . We had enough of these greedy rats they stole everything nothing was left . The Vikings were good fighters so we couldnt do much they had shields swords axes bows but the monks wasnt traind to fight they were traind to stay in harmony and peace. But the Vikings were traind to kill the monks were an easy target because of Lindisfarne's riches and how undefended it wasfor the vikings they had long ships what could probably hold up to 50 men. Luckily for the monks the vikings missed the monks most prized possession; St Couthbert's body.

Mrs Beesley
4 May 2020

An excellent blog AB which reveals your understanding about the reasons behind the invasion of Lindisfarne. Great use of effective vocabulary. I owe you prize box.

Mrs Beesley
4 May 2020

A superb account EB which shows your excellent understanding of this saga. I love your quote. Prize Box!

Mrs Beesley
4 May 2020

Excellent understanding HMc. Great use of a quote and details of the valuables taken. Prize box!

Mrs Beesley
4 May 2020

Thank you for your account LT. Excellent use of a quote.

Mrs Beesley
4 May 2020

Great headline RS! Excellent understanding of this event is very clear in your account. I would like to subscribe to your daily report RS. Very informative and entertaining. Prize box!

Mrs Beesley
4 May 2020

Super to see your blog KW. I hope that you are well. Great understanding of the reasons behind the savage attack. Prize box!

NA :)
5 May 2020

8th of June 793AD
Today we were raided and pillaged by the rotten pig faced Vikings. Our monastery was destroyed and many things were stolen. They took all the monk’s precious gifts to God from their hearts. Gold, silver, jewellery and bibles all gone. One of the monks said they could see their long ships on the skyline and had lots of weapons where we on the other had nothing, no weapons or shields plus no one was trained to be a fighter we had no hope left but to turn to God. A local peasant recalled seeing a monk having rosary beads being torn from his hands, the Vikings showed no mercy. We’ll all have to work together through the next years to rebuild all the destruction that happened in this unfortunate event. Come back for an update tomorrow.

JH :/
10 May 2020

The Anglo Times
9th June 793AD

Yesterday, there were terrifying scenes at Lindisfarne monastery. The Vikings arrived on their long boats and raided the site.

The monks awoke to loud shouting and were threatened with axes and swords as they were pushed into the main chapel.

It happened early in the morning to make sure it was a surprise ambush. The Vikings ran around the monastery stealing the treasures including diamonds, gold crosses, silver and gold cups and crowns full of beautiful jewels.

Witnesses say " There were giant black clouds and fire everywhere." The monks were surrounded by the blazing fire as the monastery burnt. Only two monks survived.

One of the surviving monks said " There was lightning and thunder on the sand where the boats were, perhaps this was a message from God that there aren't enough Christians."

11 May 2020

Last week,the vikings raided our land stealing every valuable item they could get their hands on.Including:bibles food gold and jewels. They attacked us because we had lots of treasures and the vikings knew we wasn't the best fighters. They arrived on huge ships killing everyone that stood in their way. A few monks only just managed to escape. We will now hear a quote from one of the survivors "We didn't think we would get attacked because we was so unprepared. We knew our only option was to escape. We couldn't fight back to the viking because they had spears shield and we was also out numbered." Lindisfarne was now claimed by the vikings.

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